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Our Single Pilot Resource Mgmt courses are live on the SPRM page . Unfortunately the FAA changed their compatibility requirements for videos so our courses cannot be uploaded for Wings credit even though in our courses it says you can.... sorry about that. It has been a 3 year fight to get these transferred from Activities to Courses on the Wings page and we were close until their computer wizzards changed everything and our embedded videos in our courses cannot be uploaded onto their servers. Our SPRM course are still great for continuing education and they are fun to watch... no pressure - no tests!

margobook" neilinverted" kingair2" neil2wtrmark" 9781624073489" Gifts for Pilots created by Pilots To satisfy an urge to give a unique give to an aviator, consider our Books & DVD page and Aviation Art links. Most of the gifts are created by Fabulous Flying's fans.

Weekly aviation tidbits:

This week the Flying Bill of Rights Passed! Under the new legislation, most pilots who've held an FAA medical certificate within 10 years of the law being signed won't need to visit the FAA doctor anymore, unless they fly with five or more passengers. New pilots will only need an FAA exam once. A pilot will still need to be examined by a state-licensed doctor once every four years. Pilots will need to have a driver's license. Once President Obama signs the legislation, the FAA will have a year to implement the new rules.

killerac" Really big killing machine. If the U.S. military needed a single photo that says don't mess with us, this is likely it. Lockheed Martin has dropped an image of the F-35A fighter jet. The shot not only shows the very, very expensive aircraft (just under $110 million, Lockheed says), but also presents its devastating weapons suite, which could bring some serious death from above. The F-35 can carry more than 35-hundred pounds of ordnance in Low Observable (stealth) mode and over 18-thousand pounds uncontested, Lockheed Martin boasts on its webpage.

dreamspaceship" New spaceship The Dream Chaser is designed to be a self-flying spacecraft capable of taking about 12,000 pounds back and forth from the ISS. Dream Chaser will launch atop an Atlas V rocket, built by Centennial-based United Launch Alliance, and fly back on its own, capable of landing on virtually any runway that can handle commercial airliners. The company building NASA's newest cargo-hauling spaceship is launching a big hiring spree as it prepares to send its Dream Chaser space plane off for a series of tests, culminating in its most rigorous test flight yet. Sierra Nevada Corp. Space Systems, based in Louisville, expects to truck a shrink-wrapped, self-flying test version of the Dream Chaser to Edwards Air Force Base in southern California in early September. NASA selected the Dream Chaser in January to be one of the country's private-sector cargo spaceships under a multi-billion dollar program to resupply the International Space Station between 2019 and 2024 and to stoke commercial spacecraft development. .

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